Cryptolocker Virus


The Cryptolocker Virus is a sinister one, although it's 'Old News' lately it's still causing havoc with computers and server data.

So it's worth mentioning again and again so everyone get's to know about it.

The virus is a file encryption Randsomware, which will (upon activation by the user) begin encrypting all the data located on the machine and lock it. If the infected machine has shared drives which point to a server or other location, these shares will also be encrypted by the ransomware.

Once completed it will request the user to unlock the ecrypted files to free the data once they have paid a fee. There is no way to truly unlock your data once this happens.

The best way forward is to educate your staff or family and friends on the danger and how to avoid it as best as possible.

The virus is mostly attached to an email which arrives in the user's Inbox of their email system. The email could be made to look like (spoofing) a relative or work colleague sent it or it may come from an unknown source.

It is this attachment which once opened, begins encrypting all your files. Anti-Virus does struggle to find the virus too with some vendors products failing to detect it completely, while others find and eradicate it. Reports that Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been very successful at halting it but others will have caught up hopefully by now!

So remember, don't just open every single email's attachment without first give the email a good look over to see if you notice anything out of the norm. This is especially true for emails from people you know.

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