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ALERT! “Domain Name CORP” Letter

This is an Alert to our customers regarding their Domain Name renewels. Please be advised that there are letters being sent to Domain Name owners 'inviting' them to purchase or renew a Domain Name. You may notice on some of these letters that they represent possibly a legitimate company. A company with a website and…
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Cryptolocker Virus

The Cryptolocker Virus is a sinister one, although it's 'Old News' lately it's still causing havoc with computers and server data. So it's worth mentioning again and again so everyone get's to know about it. The virus is a file encryption Randsomware, which will (upon activation by the user) begin encrypting all the data located…
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Internet Explorer given the K.O.

So it's finally happened, Internet Explorer has been given the pink slip as they say and support for older versions from Microsoft is no more. IE11 is still supported for now but it's advised that customers move to the new "EDGE" browser from Microsoft. This browser is found with the latest versions of Windows already,…
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