Why a Mobile App is needed for businesses?

Your business is missing out on one of the fastest growing opportunities of today, if it does not own a Mobile App. Having a website is no longer enough. Especially since online activity and even e-commerce continue to shift to mobile.

Smartphone usage has grown, making mobile apps one of the most important marketing tools for all businesses.

Smartphone usage has grown so much and so fast that recent studies have shown that Australians check their mobile phones at least once per hour.  And 90% of the time these people are using a mobile app.

Mobile apps allow you to engage with your customers. With your own mobile app you can send push notifications to your customers and get instant feedback from customers right on the app. Even a simple app can allow you to communicate in real time with customers. If you want to do something a little more advanced, you can even add a click-to-call feature so that your customers can call you right from your app.

Many businesses are launching their own mobile apps due to the instant interactions with their customers. This in turn boosts repeat visits.

Apps allow your customers to read your content easier than on their smartphone browser. As for e-commerce stores, apps usually provide a much better shopping experience.

On your mobile app your loyal customers can receive Coupons or discounts. Push notifications will ensure your customers get your offer which they will act on, boosting your sales.

But the marketing advantages of launching your app doesn't stop there. Even your app icon will help you build your brand further by providing a visual design that your customers will learn to identify.

Many small-business owners think that building their own app is too expensive or too difficult. But nowadays it’s possible to have a good app with social media integration on it for quite an affordable rate. It all depends on the requirements. Galaxy IT would love to build your app and fulfill your needs.

If you’re interested in launching a new app for your small business, you first need to define exactly what you want. Write down the features you want to have. Some features include:

  • Social media integration
  • click-to-location features
  • integration with an events calendar
  • and more...

Check on your competitors, not only to see which ones already offer their app but also to get some extra ideas for your own app.

And if you haven’t decided yet, make sure you understand the marketing opportunity you are missing out on.

Galaxy IT has provided an online quote to show you how affordable having an app is.


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