OEM Computer & Hardware Installations


Custom Builds & Assembly

Galaxy IT is proud to offer OEM products to our customers which fit exactly with what the customer's requirements are.

We can custom build Computers and Servers for Home and Business which are very reliable and have after sales support.

All our Computers are tested over 24 Hours to ensure setups are correct and reliable for long term use. OEM Computers always come with genuine MS Windows products which include attached License Lables and original MS Product Packaging.

Galaxy IT also keeps track of built systems and their components for warranty purposes.

All OEM systems are built on demand ensuring you get the latest products in your systems.


  • 3D Gaming Systems (NVidia, AMD Radeon, SLI, Water Cooling, SSD etc...)
  • Office Desktop Systems (Windows Pro, Office etc...)
  • Server Systems (Intel, MS Server)