Hard Drive Data Destruction

Wipe your data from an old Hard Drive

So you deleted files and folders from your computer drives, maybe even formatted them thinking the data is now gone? Well, its still there! If you throw that drive in the bin and somebody takes it, with enough knowledge they can recover that data. Data like: Credit Card Details, browsing habits, keystrokes, personal and private files and information!

Galaxy IT provides a service where we will wipe data from your old hard drive using a Military Grade process. Our service is a most reliable method and recommended for Business and Home computer users.

Types of Drives or devices we can Data Wipe

  • SATA/SAS HDD ($20 per drive)
  • SATA/SAS SSD ($20 per drive)
  • SATA/SAS SSHD ($20 per drive)
  • IOS Devices: IPhones, IPads ($25 per device)
  • Android Devices ($25 per device)
  • Blackberry Device ($25 per device)
  • Symbian Device ($25 per device)
  • Windows Mobile Deices ($25 per device)

Once the data is wiped, you can have your device or drive back.

We also supply you with a detailed 100% certified, tamper proof report of the procedure for your piece of mind.

Need Data Wiped Off Of Your Device?

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